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Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage diamond engagement rings

Diamond rings were used to signify engagements as far back as the 16th century although were strictly the domain of nobility. As more diamonds were discovered in the late 19th Century those of more modest means were able to buy them by saving. By the late 1950’s most engagement rings were diamond, or used diamonds.

The Three Stone Diamond engagement Ring

The classic 3 stone diamond ring has become popular because of their symbolism to newly engaged couples. The 3 stones represent ‘past, present and future’ although each couple has their own significance for the gems.

The Toi et Moi diamond engagement ring

This two stone style of ring represents two becoming one (translated as ‘you and me’) and is a ring style popularised in the Edwardian era. The most famous of this style of ring was given by Napoleon to his bride to be Josephine.
If you are interested in creating your own Vintage style engagement ring then have a look at our Bespoke Engagement Rings page.

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