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Vintage And Pre-Owned Cartier Watches

Looking to own a piece of horological history? The iconic Cartier brand has long been synonymous with timepiece innovation and distinctive designs. With our vintage Cartier watches, you can own a world-famous timepiece and a beautiful style statement of bygone eras.

At Susannah Lovis, we carefully source and stock the finest vintage pieces so you can own a beautiful item of wearable history from the world-famous jeweller. From the iconic Cartier Santos to Tank Francaise and many more, Susannah Lovis can help you find the ideal timepiece from the diverse Cartier designs to add to your collection.

Cartier: Horological Innovation

With style and substance, Cartier has been creating distinctive designs since 1847. Their eye-catching elegance, luxury materials, and precision engineering have made Cartier such a desirable brand. Known as the king of jewellers, Cartier is a name loved by royalty and has a loyal fan following for those who love luxury, elegance, and technology led by the timepiece innovators.
Cartier is often considered the originator of the modern wristwatch. Thanks to the friendship between Louis Cartier and aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, the aviator explained how it was impossible to use a pocket watch when he needed both of his hands to fly.
Cartier used this feedback to design a collection of wristwatches dedicated to his friend known as the Collection Santos de Cartier. From the early iteration of the Santos watches in 1903 until today, the Santos is a firm favourite in the brand.

Santos de Cartier

While there are many iterations of the Santos collection, some key elements of design remain integral to this collection. To start with, the watch face sits flat, with an easy-to-read square bezel – ideally for busy pilots to check the time hands-free.

One of the most iconic aspects of the Cartier Santos is its shape. For over 100 years, the Santos de Cartier has remained true to its square design, which has kept it a highly desired and hugely wearable choice. Not too sporty, not too dressy and with interchangeable straps, the Santos de Cartier really is a wear-anywhere watch that looks just as good today as it did when it first came out.

There have been several Santos de Cartier models over the years, such as the Santos Octagon, which steered away from the classic square shape with its distinctive octagonal face. There’s also the Santos Galbee, encased in either steel or gold with signature sword-shaped hands.

Invest In Haute Horlogerie

The primary focus for Cartier is luxury, and that means only the finest materials are used within each piece of jewellery. With premium materials and expertise at every step, Cartier watches are built to last. Because of this and the prestige that comes with the brand, Cartier watches remain an attractive proposition for investors and are in demand for those looking for a luxurious and stylish dress watch.

Cartier has developed several collections throughout its illustrious history that appeal to diverse tastes while maintaining the distinctive Cartier design. Some of the most charismatic collections include:

Vintage Cartier Tank Watches

Thanks to its distinctive rectangular face, the Cartier Tank is considered a classic and almost retro design for dress watches. With both automatic and quartz options, it is possible to find your perfect pre-owned Cartier Tank watch crafted to suit your needs.

What joins all of the watches in the Tank collection is the design elements inspired by military tanks, from the thick borders, known as brancards, to the lugs that attach to the straps; the focus is on providing the watch with protective armour and a robust, signature appeal.

Cartier Tank Francaise

Released in 1995, the Cartier Tank Francaise is considered a sportier look and offers a chainlink bracelet that symbolises the tracks on military tanks. You can find vintage Tank Francaise in stainless steel, two-tone steel as well as yellow gold.

Cartier Tank Americaine

Another option in the Tank collection is the Cartier Tank Americaine. Released in 1989, the Americaine looks similar to the vintage Tank Cintree model but has a more contemporary design. With a stretched case, the focus of this model is all on the clock face. The most popular option for the Americaine is yellow gold which initially was the only metal choice available. However, as the Americaine grew in popularity, further metal options were added.

Other Tank editions include Must De Cartier Tank, which has vermeil cases instead of solid gold/platinum cases. While the Tank Anglaise is a chunkier and curvier timepiece designed to commemorate the three flagship Cartier stores. You can also find several Tank choices within the Tank Normale range released in 1919, while the Tank Louis Cartier is considered the second generation of this model and features smooth rounded brancards and a stylish elongated rectangular dial.

Find Your Perfect Vintage Cartier

At Susannah Lovis, we offer a range of vintage and pre-loved Cartier timepieces. With our team of Cartier experts, we can help you find the perfect Cartier watch for your needs, whether you’re adding to a collection, sourcing a beautiful gift or looking for a vintage investment. If you’re looking for something specific, please reach out to our team who’d love to help.

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