Custom Jewellery Design

Custom Jewellery Design and Remodelling

Bespoke engagement rings

With such an important piece of jewellery it is important to both us and our clients that the end result is perfect. There are many benefits of having an engagement ring custom made. Firstly, it offers clients the opportunity to create a unique design, perhaps as a copy of an existing ring or even an original idea. It also offers customers the opportunity to select their own gemstones for colour and clarity of the final personalised product.

Being able to choose a variety of gem colours can make all the difference to a personalised engagement ring design. Our team of gemmologists in our central London workshop can guide you through the entire process to create the perfect bespoke product.

The process for creating a custom engagement ring can be applied to a number of jewellery items, whether it is a ring, a bracelet or a necklace.

The first step in the bespoke design process for any item is to get in contact with us using our contact details to arrange an appointment.

During your initial design consultation at our store we will discuss the different options and ideas that you may have for your bespoke jewellery piece. We will then create a mount design for you from either rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or platinum while allowing you to choose from a broad collection of gemstones.

At the following consultation we will select the gemstones for your chosen design. This will allow us to view them together as a group as well as selecting the precious metal for your mount.

The final step is handmaking the mount in our workshop and setting the gemstones. We will keep you up to date with the progress until it is ready for the final fitting. If it is a bespoke ring, it may need resizing at the final fitting which we can normally offer as a service the next day.

On completing the design and the final jewellery product we will then provide you with a written insurance valuation and professional photographs of your bespoke item.

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Jewellery remodelling

Many of our London clients bring in jewellery to us store to be re-modelled. This service is particularly useful if you have been given a piece of jewellery that you no longer wear, either because the style is no longer in fashion or if your tastes have changed over time.

In many instances customers bring in sentimental pieces of jewellery which they have either been gifted or inherited from a family relative which they would like to have re-styled into a piece that is more fitting to their tastes. Typical examples of this include transforming a pair of earrings into an engagement ring. Old style rings, such as Victorian clusters can be also be remodelled into a necklace. This offers the client the option to keep the history and sentimental value of the jewellery, but to take on a new style that is more in tune with their personal tastes or current fashion.

The prices for re-modelling vary significantly depending on the complexity of the work that needs to be undertaken, however our expert team will be able to assist you with any questions that you may have.

Our bespoke design and remodelling service allows you to get the exact piece that you want, and breathe a new life into an old item that may otherwise be left collecting dust in a jewellery box and never be worn again.

Our London based team of professionals can assist with any bespoke remodelling enquiries you may have, whether it is to have an old piece of jewellery modernised in appearance or to take an old family item that is out of style to remodel it so that the piece can once again be enjoyed.

As a family run business which has been in the luxury London jewellery design industry for more than 20 years, the team at Susannah Lovis greatly appreciates the sentimental value that old jewellery often has. We are able to offer clients the opportunity to bring life back to pre-worn items without compromising their precious history.

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