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Eternity Rings


Eternity rings

Eternity rings or Infinity rings have been a popular choice of rings for the last 60 years. The original concept, created in the 1960’s, is of identical gemstones (in this case cut the same, and being the same size) inset into a band of precious metal. The first infinity rings were made from yellow gold and used 0.25 carat diamonds however tastes have changed over the years and the ring is more likely to now be made of Platinum or White Gold. Some people find that the eternity ring is larger than a ring should be and opt instead for a half eternity with stones just on the top surface however it is up to the individual wearer.

Coloured gemstones

The original Eternity ring was created to use smaller diamonds however there are now both ruby eternity rings and emerald eternity rings or an alternating pattern of these gemstones and diamonds.


The settings used in the rings vary with the most popular being the channel set, Claw set and rubover. These settings are not only about style but also dictate how comfortable you find wearing each one. You may find a claw setting more comfortable than a channel setting.

Styles of eternity rings

As well as the various settings used in the creation there are also various styles of rings. These are commonly the Classic eternity ring, a ring with gemstones around the circumference. The Crossover eternity ring is two or more bands that cross over each other creating the effect that the wearer is wearing two or more rings. The stacked eternity ring is either two or more separate rings or alternately a mixed metal ring made to look like several (for example the ‘Quatre Classique’ from Boucheron).

How to wear an Eternity ring

The eternity ring is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand (the ring finger) but don’t let convention stand in your way. Eternity rings are a great ring for any finger, or indeed thumb.

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