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Selling a Rolex in London ?

About selling an old Rolex

If you have a pre-owned Rolex watch which you are considering selling, bring it into our jewellery shop in the Burlington Arcade in the West End where we sell and buy a number of famous watch brands.

We are particularly interested in buying Rolex watches and will consider all models, most notably The Rolex Daytona, The Rolex Submariner, The Rolex Air-King, The Rolex Oyster and the Rolex Sea-Dweller.

If you have a Rolex watch you are looking to sell then you can use this service to part exchange your watch for a new one or sell it for cash. This is the perfect service if you are looking for a new watch or to update your timepiece.

"We always make same day payments for Rolex watches"

Selling enquiry form

Please send as much detail using the form below including photos, certificates etc. This will enable us to understand the piece better without seeing it in person and we will then be able to assess whether we would like to purchase the particular piece.

Due to the volume of enquiries received we are unable to respond if the item(s) submitted are not of interest to us. This can be for a variety of reasons – we may already have similar items in stock for example. If you require a valuation for insurance purposes please see our insurance valuations page.

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At Susannah Lovis in the Burlington Arcade will offer you a full sale appraisal service which is offered to all of our customers on a walk-in basis. There is no need to book an appointment, and a member of our expert team of in-house watch buyers will be able to give you a full quote for the value of your Rolex watch either during the appointment or shortly afterwards depending on any additional research which needs to be done on the piece.

The team of watch experts at Susannah Lovis are professionally trained and when you buy or sell watches with us then the entire process is protected from start to finish for all parties involved.

As one of the oldest independent jewellers in the world-famous Burlington Arcade we are able to offer an unrivalled service to all of our customers and can offer you a great price for your watch in no time.

What you can expect when selling a Rolex:

When you bring any watch into our shop with the intention of selling it then the first point of call will be for a member of our team to examine the watch and thoroughly research its history and provenance.

The value of your watch will be affected by the records that you have for it, and we ask all customers to bring as much accompanying paperwork with them as possible. This includes the original receipt, its service history as well as its original box.

If you are selling a newer watch, it is helpful for us to know what you paid for it and when you bought it. How much your Rolex watch will be worth will depend on a variety of factors which our expert team will be able to explain to you in full. These usually include the watches’ condition, its age and its model.

Rolex valuations change all the time and can be influenced by a number of external factors including how many buyers and sellers there currently are in the market for a particular model as well as currency exchange rates in some circumstances.

Our expert team will be able to find out any information about your watch that you don’t have in order to come up with a reasonable price for your watch.

We also buy second hand and vintage Rolex watches

The demand for Rolex watches has increased significantly in recent years, and in light of this trend used or vintage models which have been made of certain materials or have special design features could fetch a higher price.

If you have a vintage or older Rolex to sell, which generally refers to a piece which is 25 years old or older, then we will also look at it for you.

Selling your Rolex watch with Susannah Lovis will guarantee you the best possible price for your timepiece as well as saving you time and hassle on not having to list and photograph the watch yourself to sell online.


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