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Selling a Cartier watch in London ?

About selling your Cartier watch

If you are the proud owner of a Carter watch which you are considering parting ways with, you can sell it to us at Susannah Lovis independent jewellers in London’s famous Burlington Arcade. We are always interested in buying Cartier watches, and our expert watches team will be able to advise you on every step of the sale process if you have a Cartier watch you are looking to sell.

We are interested in all models of Cartier watches, including Cartier Santos-Dumont, Calibre de Cartier or Tank Francaise. If you are looking to sell your Cartier in order to upgrade to a new model, or even a new watch brand, then we will be able to part exchange your current timepiece for a new one. We hold a number of world-famous watch brands in store and are constantly reviewing and updating our stock to feature the most prestigious brands and most sought-after models, of which Cartier ranks very high on the list.

Cartier watches can be sold at Susannah Lovis either as part of an exchange deal or for cash. The main benefit of bringing us your Cartier watch that you are looking to sell is that we will offer you a full sale appraisal service with a member of our expert and knowledgeable watches team. To make life even easier for you, there is no need to book an appointment and we are able to offer this appraisal service on a walk-in basis.

Selling your Cartier watch to us means you will be protected with secure sale process from start to finish, as well as being safe in the knowledge that we will always get you the best possible price for your Cartier watch.

If you want to sell Cartier jewellery then go to our selling jewellery page.

"We always make same day payments for Cartier watches"

Selling enquiry form

Please send as much detail using the form below including photos, certificates etc. This will enable us to understand the piece better without seeing it in person and we will then be able to assess whether we would like to purchase the particular piece.

Due to the volume of enquiries received we are unable to respond if the item(s) submitted are not of interest to us. This can be for a variety of reasons – we may already have similar items in stock for example. If you require a valuation for insurance purposes please see our insurance valuations page.

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What you can expect when selling a Cartier Watch

If you bring your Cartier watch to Sussanah Lovis then we will thoroughly examine it for you in order to obtain the most accurate value for your timepiece. There are various factors which could affect the price of your watch, including the current demand in the market as well as the condition and available history of your watch. Generally speaking, the more information that you have about the Cartier watch you are considering selling, the better.

The more information that our team has, the easier it will be for them to quickly come up with an accurate market value for the piece. This information includes any of the watches’ original paperwork, the classic red Cartier original box, as well as any service or repair reports that you have for the watch. If you don’t have this information, don’t worry – our team will still be able to come up with the most reasonable price possible for your time piece taking a number of important factors into consideration.

If you bought the watch new, then the original receipt or proof of purchase which demonstrates the value which you paid for it and when you bought it will be very useful for our team. If you don’t have this information, they will be able to work this out for you providing they know when it was that you bought the watch.

We also buy second hand and vintage Cartier watches

Cartier watches remain highly sought-after timepieces, with their popularity increasing in recent years with a number of current famous fans including Megan Markle, Jennifer Aniston and Rami Malek.

The Cartier watch has been loved by celebrities for many years, with Audrey Hepburn and Andy Warhol also being Cartier fans with the Tank and Panthere de Cartier being among the most popular famous models.

Here at Susannah Lovis we are interested in Cartier watches from all generations, and we are interested in vintage models (25 years or older) as well as more recent designs.

Selling your Cartier watch to Sussanah Lovis guarantees you a hassle-free service where you will get the best possible price for your watch. Selling a Cartier watch yourself on the open market can be a risky business, and when you sell it with us we will ensure that your watch and the entire sale process is protected from start to finish. This saves you time, money and hassle as well as offering you the opportunity to swap your old Cartier for a new one.


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