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Why choose a bespoke engagement ring?

Designing your own bespoke engagement ring gives you the freedom to choose the exact design you want. An engagement ring may be one of the most important purchases of your life which makes having your own input into the design and style of the ring even more significant. A bespoke engagement ring is more meaningful than a mass-produced ring as it gives you the opportunity to offer a much more personalised expression of love and commitment. When asking someone the biggest question of your life in asking them to marry you, this extra personalisation goes a long way.

“The ring she produced was was beautiful and I would not hesitate to go back again.”

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Bespoke 5 star review

Whether you have something specific in mind or are looking for a more personal token of your affection in the form of your own design, Susannah Lovis can help you design and create your very own bespoke engagement ring. This service is suitable for those who have a very clear idea of what they want, as well as those that need some extra help deciding.

Create a ring that is completely unique

Susannah Lovis is in London’s prestigious West End shopping quarter in the Burlington Arcade. The team has created bespoke engagement rings and subsequently celebrated numerous successful engagements and marriages for more than twenty years. With its own jewellery workshop in London, Susannah Lovis is able to source gemstones from across the world and will always find you the best value stones as well as leaving you safe in the knowledge of exactly where the stones have been sourced from. Its jewellery shop and workshop are open on Saturdays and Sundays and the experienced team are always open for appointments to discuss your engagement ring ideas.

“She made the daunting process of building a bespoke ring very seamless and easy. I would highly recommend.”

Client review on Google
Bespoke 5 star review

Jewellers at Susannah Lovis will work with you on specific design ideas, as well as offering a more hands-on approach if you are in need of some extra inspiration. When designing your own ring, the designers can incorporate a number of important factors into the design including your lifestyle, stone preferences as well as creating something bespoke and individual which represents the significance of your relationship.

All of the rings which are made by Susannah Lovis are handmade in the UK. Choosing a bespoke engagement ring means that your loved one will receive a truly unique and individual piece that will not be seen on anyone else’s finger.

A selection of our handmade rings

The process

The experienced team at Susannah Lovis will help you every step of the way to create your very own engagement ring from start to finish. You may already have a clear idea of the design that you want which the experienced team will be able to bring to life. Alternatively, you may know that you want a bespoke ring, but are looking for some extra inspiration and advice regarding the exact design.

“I loved her enthusiasm and passion for wanting to help me design something extremely personal for my fiancée”

Client review on Google
Bespoke 5 star review

The team will be able to help you regardless of your request. When designing a ring from scratch the design process follows three important stages which are as follows:

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The steps

Choosing the style

Choosing the outline of the main style that you would like for an engagement ring is always the first step. This means thinking about what metal you would like the main band to be in as well as what karat you would like the band to be.

The most popular choices for engagement ring bands include platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Platinum is a very popular choice for engagement rings because of its durability and style. If you and your fiancée like the yellow gold colour, then this is another popular option as well as coming in at different prices ranges depending on its karat which can be helpful for those who are working towards a specific budget. White and rose gold similarly come with a versatile price range, however clients are advised that white gold may require coating maintenance in the future and rose gold is not suitable for those with copper allergies.

Silver is generally not advised as it is not tough enough for daily wear and is therefore not the best suited metal to be able to get the most out of your ring for years to come. However, when you are creating the design for yourself then what metal you choose is entirely up to you. The team will be able to help advise you which material would be best depending on the design and style of the ring as well as your personal preferences.

Choosing the stones

The stones in an engagement ring are the most important feature, and also offer the greatest opportunity for you to create something really individual and personal. Perhaps the recipient has a favourite stone which you would like to include in the design, or perhaps there is a stone that has some significant meaning for both of you. Susannah Lovis is able to source high quality gemstones from across the market at the best possible value for you which will help to make this important decision-making process run smoothly.

Diamonds are traditionally the most popular engagement ring stone of choice. The stone is said to represent eternity and commitment which has seen the precious stone be placed on many engaged hands over generations. When designing a ring with Susannah Lovis, the exact diamonds you want can be sourced for your design, as well as ensuring that these stones have come from a reputable and trustworthy source.

There are plenty of diamond alternatives to choose from which can be more affordable and unique than traditionally mined diamonds. If you are looking for a vibrant pop of colour in your design then sapphires are an excellent choice. While they are traditionally known for being blue, sapphires actually come in a number of different colours and are second only to diamonds in terms of their durability which makes them the perfect stone for an engagement ring.

Rubies and emeralds are also traditional favourites, but more current alternatives including morganite, opal and onyx are also rising in popularity. Whether you have specific stones in mind or would like to start at the drawing board from scratch, the dedicated team at Susannah Lovis will be able to help you come up with the right collection of stones for your specific ring as well as source them all for you.

When you design an engagement ring at Susannah Lovis there is also the option to re-use an inherited stone or family heirloom in your own design for an engagement ring. This can be something truly unique and special and also gives a new lease of life to a previously significant piece of jewellery.

Design and layout

The design and layout of your ring is what will give it its originality and uniqueness. You may opt for a more traditional style or want to do something new and different which you can design yourself of with the support of a member of our design team.

One of the most important style elements to decide on is what stone formation you would like. Popular choices and styles of ring include cluster rings, trilogy stone setting as well as single stone settings. The team will be able to help your either draw on existing ideas for inspiration, or help you choose something completely different.

You will also need to choose the cut and shape that you want the stones to be in. There are classic and conventional cuts such as the round brilliant, princess, emerald and baguette. There are also more unique and modern variations these days including heart and oval cut stones, as well as multiple variations of these styles.

The team will design and sketch ideas as they develop so you will always know exactly what the ring is going to look like, and you can be certain of what the end result will be.

Handmade in our workshops

“My fiancé had my engagement ring designed and produced here and it’s one of the most beautiful rings I’ve ever seen.”

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Bespoke 5 star review

Susannah Lovis Workshop

All of the bespoke engagement rings which are designed by Susannah Lovis are handmade in the London workshop. The whole process from design to creation takes in the region of four to six weeks, depending on the piece. Some stones which have been included in the design may take longer to source than others, but when you are presented with your own finished piece which you have created yourself then it is worth the wait.

The advantage of having an engagement ring handmade means that you can be certain that it has been created using expert craftmanship. Susannah Lovis’ jewellery makers have been making engagement rings for more than twenty years and are able to beautifully create the most intricate of designs.

The design and jewellery making team will keep you updated on your rings progress at every step of the way and will let you know as soon as it is ready to collect from the shop in London.


Prices for a bespoke engagement pieces start in the region of £4,000. However, it is worth bearing in mind that prices for designing your own engagement ring will depend entirely on the design and choice of stones so it can vary greatly.

While choosing a bespoke ring may seem like a more expensive option, when you consider the multiple design elements as well as your individual input into the piece then it generally works out as more cost effective than choosing a mass-produced ring.

Pre-made rings can be much more expensive and popular designs and styles will increase in price depending on market trends and fashion. When choosing and designing a ring for yourself you are given complete control over the metal, stones and design techniques used which will ultimately give you full control of the price as well as ensuring that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Susannah Lovis will always be transparent regarding price points and will be able to work with you on any specific budget. The team will be able to advise which materials and stones will be best suited to your own individual budget as well as keeping you informed of all costs throughout the project.

All of our rings are handmade in the UK, and as such they are all UK hallmarked. This hallmark guarantees that the purity of the metal and stones which have been used in the ring.

All clients are advised to be wary of any rings which are not made in the UK and without this hallmark, as this means that there can be no guarantee as to the quality or source of the stones or metal used.

The precious metals and stones used in an engagement ring require a noteworthy investment, and when you have the ring handmade with us in the UK then you will be able to know where all of the stones have come from.

Overall, a bespoke engagement ring can work out as much better value for money as well as being an important investment into something that is truly yours and unique. When you work with Susannah Lovis on a bespoke engagement ring commission, each part of the design and creation process will be tailored by you, including the price.

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Insurance valuations

It is important to have an up to date valuation of your ring for insurance purposes and this comes complete with your bespoke ring.

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