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Sell Bulgari Jewellery

Sell Bulgari Jewellery

Bulgari is one of the most famous Italian jewellery brands, known for its distinctive style and exquisite craftsmanship. Bulgari jewellery has long been a favourite of celebrities and royalty, such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly, who wore its jewels on and off the screen. However, if your Bulgari jewellery isn’t being worn as much as it deserves, it may be worth selling Bulgari jewellery and making space for a piece of jewellery you can treasure.

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We focus on buying jewellery and watches in good to excellent condition and are unable to buy Sterling silver, costume jewellery or 9k (375) jewellery.

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Why Sell Bulgari Jewellery?

The name Bulgari is synonymous with Italian elegance; it introduces innovative combinations of precious and coloured stones, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and turquoise. Its designs are bold, voluminous and intriguing. However, if these pieces no longer resonate with you, or your style has moved on, then it could be that your Bulgari jewellery isn’t being utilised as much as it should.

If you have Bulgari jewellery that doesn’t get the wear it deserves, or perhaps you’ve fallen out of love with the design, the vintage market is in high demand for Bulgari jewellery, and you could receive a good return by selling your Bulgari jewellery. This allows you to find a new piece of jewellery that brings you joy and gives others a chance to own a piece of iconic Bulgari craftsmanship they’ll cherish.

Visit us

If you prefer to visit us with your Bulgari pieces instead of sending photos online then please pop in. We are handily located 5 minutes from Green Park Tube Station.

Sell Bulgari Jewellery With Ease

If you’re looking to free up space in your jewellery box or make extra money through selling unwanted Bulgari jewellery, there are several options. You may choose to sell privately or use an auction site or online marketplace.

However, you can often fetch a more competitive offer by selling to jewellery experts. Jewellery experts who understand the markets and have an in-depth knowledge of the Bulgari brand can often give a more accurate assessment of the jewellery and also know the current demand. Jewellery experts will often have clients in mind who are looking for specific pieces which can help unwanted jewellery find a new owner who will covet the piece.

If you want a free jewellery assessment that provides a valuation and insight into current market trends, get in touch with a quick online form or pop into our store with the piece for a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation.

Popular Bulgari Jewellery To Sell

Many pieces in the Bulgari collection have been worthwhile investments. Thanks to the quality materials and precious gemstones, there is generally minimal depreciation. In some cases, vintage Bulgari jewellery has appreciated in value.

Some of the most popular collections that can attract a good selling price include;

Serpenti – initially designed in 1940 and worn by many stars of the silver screen, vintage Serpenti pieces are highly coveted and can fetch a significant return if choosing to sell.

Monete – using style inspiration of ancient coins, the Monete collection is small and, therefore, rare and is seen as one incredibly precious collection.

B.Zero1 – inspired by the Colosseum in Rome, this collection is designed for rulebreakers. Launched in 1999, it was the designer’s way to celebrate the millennium and has since become one of its best-selling collections.

If you have items from these collections or any other Bulgari jewellery that you no longer want or wear, sell it with us. Fill in our quick online form to receive a free estimated valuation.

About Bulgari Jewellery

Bulgari was founded by Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek silversmith who moved to Rome in 1881 and opened his first shop in 1884. He soon gained a reputation for elegant silver ornaments inspired by his Greek heritage and Roman culture. By the 1920s, Bulgari’s sons joined the business and transitioned into stunning Art Deco designs with diamonds and precious materials.  The iconic BVLGARI logo was created using the Latin alphabet.

By the 1950s, Bulgari had a clear, recognisable style with bold colours, show-stopping styles and distinctive motifs such as the Serpenti coiled snakes.

As Bulgari designs are big and bold, you may find that they don’t get as much wear as they deserve. Instead, perhaps they are collecting dust in the jewellery box. Suppose you have Bulgari jewellery that isn’t receiving the wear and compliments it deserves. In that case, you may consider selling the jewellery and finding another piece of jewellery that gets more wear or suits your current style.

Vintage and preloved Bulgari jewellery is in high demand and can be incredibly popular. So, if you’re thinking about selling your old jewellery, you can not only fetch a good return by selling, but your item will receive a new lease of life with someone who loves the Bulgari style.

How To Sell Bulgari Jewellery With Us

Our jewellery experts make it easy to sell designer jewellery:

  • Pop into our store or fill in our online form
  • Receive a free, no-obligation valuation
  • If you choose to sell in store, you can receive same-day payment
  • If you choose to sell remotely, send the jewellery to us by post and receive payment on receipt.

Why sell to us ?

There are lots of reasons to choose Susannah Lovis Jewellers

Same Day Payment

Receive the same day payment for your jewellery

Hassle free

No taking photos and writing descriptions

Correct identification

Over 20 years experience means we can identify jewellery correctly

Same day purchase decision

Where we are able to make you an offer we can do this on the same day

No risk of online fraud

Absolutely risk fee settlement, with no danger of online fraud

Time saving

No wasting time finding the right auction

About Susannah Lovis Jewellers

Susannah Lovis has a professional team of fully trained and experienced Graduate gemmologists and Valuers whom are all certified by either the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), The Gemmological Institute of Great Britain (Gem-A), as well as globally renowned international appraisal institutes. These certified bodies ensure that the jewellery buying and selling process is protected for all parties involved.

Our team offer an unrivalled sale appraisal service. Susannah Lovis is one of the oldest independent jewellers in the arcade having been open for more than 20 years.

The team can assist with valuations for a number of items, including necklaces, brooches, rings, earrings, pendants and cufflinks.

What you can expect when you sell Vintage Jewellery :

If you are looking to sell a vintage or antique piece, perhaps a family heirloom or an item that has been inherited, our expert team will examine the item and thoroughly research the piece to find out everything about it. This will include its full history, who made it, and when it was made.

The primary focus in our antique jewellery purchasing will be to examine the quality of metal that has been used. So, for example, whether it is Gold, Platinum or Silver as well as what pureness it is which is defined and measured by its carat. The measurement of carat when selling antique or vintage jewellery is one of the key components in defining an item’s potential worth. Many customers do not know what the carat of their jewellery is, This if often the case for gold rings and necklaces, but our team are able to assist you and find out everything about the item.

We will also inspect any gemstones that have been used in the piece and look at their individual quality. Where we are able to make an offer to buy jewellery we will make a payment to you on the same day. We are happy to have a look at all customers’ antique jewellery items with no obligation to sell.

We also buy ‘second hand’ and vintage Jewellery

In addition to buying antique jewellery in central London we also buy newer pieces from established brands and vintage items, which is anything that is 25 years and older.

We particularly specialise in buying signed and designer pieces and are able to offer same day payments for these items. If you are looking to sell Cartier jewellery or sell Tiffany jewellery for example, we are able to offer premium prices for these brands.

We offer a hassle-free, reliable service which can often be completed on the same day, with no need for the customer to have to take photos in order to sell an item online.


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