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How To Style A Brooch

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How To Style A Brooch

After making a statement in 2022, brooches have made a big comeback in the fashion world. So much so that 2023 is predicted to be a big year for brooches. In 2022, the Platinum Jubilee meant we saw lots of celebrations across the country, with many royals wearing different brooches, each with its unique meaning.
Across the pond, brooches have also been having a moment on the red carpet, with Nick Jonas bringing “Big Brooch Energy” as well as Bella Hadid adding a statement Dior brooch to her outfit, which led to a huge surge in online searches for statement brooches.
Whether a brooch is subtle and understated for a timeless appeal or a bold statement design that inspires conversation, there is a brooch for every occasion.
If you’re looking to add a brooch to your collection – here are the best ways to style a brooch for 2023.

Types of brooches

When considering how to style a brooch, the type of brooch you choose can make all the difference to the best way to style it. Some popular brooch styles include;

Cameo brooches

For a vintage, Victoriana brooch, a cameo brooch can be a great option. A cameo brooch is usually made from gemstones, pearls or shells and typically depicts an image or silhouette that is carved into the stone or shell. A cameo brooch is often round or oval-shaped.

Enamel brooches

For a lifelike or naturalistic look, an enamel brooch usually depicts flowers, animals or plants and uses a strong colour scheme for a bright, eye-catching design. This type of brooch is often a fun and quirky brooch and is ideal for showcasing a little glimpse of your personality.

Mourning brooch

Another historical, vintage brooch is a mourning brooch which utilises a design to honour a loved one who has passed. A mourning brooch is usually a bespoke design with elements that recognise the loved one. It could be their initials, favourite flower or inscription. A mourning brooch can also be a fantastic way to remodel a piece of the loved one’s jewellery in a way you can honour them, remember them and wear the piece of jewellery with pride.

Designer brooches

Make a true fashion statement with your favourite jewellery designers. From a Paloma Picasso for Tiffany brooch or a vintage Cartier panther brooch, signed brooches are a great way to showcase stunning jewellery designs and be an outfit talking point.

Pet brooches

Honour your much-loved pets with a pin brooch that depicts their character and comes complete with gemstones to catch the eye. Gemstones can be used for the eyes or for a collar as a way to add sparkle and glamour to the design. Again, pet brooches can be found as a vintage offer or custom designed to suit your specific requirements.

Best ways to style a brooch

Style unexpectedly

A white t-shirt with a cluster of brooches combines the glamour and sparkle of jewellery with a classic, casual t-shirt, which can make for a striking, yet understated look.

Use as a closure

A brooch can be used dramatically as a closure for an outfit, such as across a buttonhole, connecting a scarf, or cinching a waistband.

Create a choker necklace

A brooch can be pinned to a short necklace chain or ribbon to create a statement choker necklace. With a resurgence in nineties and noughties style, choker necklaces are set to be another big trend in 2023 too.

Styling a lapel

Add sparkle and intrigue to a blazer or tuxedo jacket with a pop of interest with a brooch or cluster of brooches.

Add to a necklace

A chain or pearl necklace can be embellished with a brooch for a fresh take on your jewellery. However, if the brooch is bulky, it is important to ensure the necklace is strong enough to manage the weight of the brooch.

Add a brooch to a bag

Brooches can be a great way to style a bag and bring the whole outfit together with a brooch that complements the occasion.

Use small complementing brooches for shirt collars

Two small, complementing or even contrasting brooches can be a fantastic way to brighten up a button-shirt and create an eye-catching look while still having a smart-casual style. The best type of brooch for this look is a pendant brooch, where the pin is concealed from view for a slick design.

Add to a French twist hairstyle

Embellish an up-do with extra sparkle by adding a brooch to a French twist or hair-up look. This is a fantastic way to add glamour for a formal occasion and wear a piece of jewellery that you love when it’s not possible to pin a brooch to your outfit.

Browse our collection of stunning vintage brooches

Make 2023 the year of the brooch for your outfits. Find a stunning vintage brooch with Susannah Lovis. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a bespoke design, our team can help you with bespoke jewellery design or jewellery remodelling. To find out more about creating your perfect brooch, speak to our team today.

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