Insurance Valuation London

Jewellery Insurance Valuation

Why get an insurance valuation ?

At Susannah Lovis Jewellers we offer a free insurance valuation with all items at the time of purchase, and as certified valuers we also offer written jewellery insurance valuations for articles not purchased through us. It is important that you keep your valuations up to date, and as a guide you should get articles re-appraised every 2-5 years as antique jewellery does increase in value over time. 

One key aspect of antique jewellery ownership that is often overlooked is getting a regular update on your insurance valuation. If the unthinkable happens and a cherished necklace or ring is lost, then this document is invaluable in claiming the correct amount from your insurance company. Likewise, it is useful in setting the correct level of premium for both yourself and your insurance company. Without it you may receive only a fraction of the antique’s worth if you do claim, as most home contents policies have a low ‘single article limit’. 

Our GEM-A and GIA certified gemmologists will typically take 3-5 working days to provide you with your valuation. During this process your jewellery will be assessed, professionally photographed and cleaned. This document will not only give our valuers opinion of the cost of replacement but also a full breakdown of the materials used and its’ age. This will cover, for example, the purity of gold used and identity of each gem stone as well as diamond grading. We will also be able to determine who made the jewellery and where it is from if this information is available on the piece. 


Insurance valuation cost

 Single Item of jewellery, ring, necklace etc. £100
To arrange an insurance valuation please contact us through the website, call us on 020 7493 2008 or visit our shop.