Selling Jewellery in London

Selling Jewellery in London ?

At Susannah Lovis we are always interested in buying quality jewellery at our shop in the Burlington Arcade, W1. We appreciate that as times change so do our tastes and many of our customers refresh their Jewellery collection by selling or part exchanging with us. We offer a full on the spot valuation for clients with no appointment necessary. Our buyers are able to evaluate the piece the same day and often while you wait. 

Our experts are GIA and AJP certified so you can be sure that the highest professional standards are met.

What can you expect when selling Antique Jewellery :

  • Antique jewellery valuation. We will have a look at the piece to discover all we can about it and its history, to see who made it and when.
  • We will have a look at the quality of metal used in the piece, for example whether it is Gold, Platinum or Silver and also what pureness (carat) it is. Many customers do not know whether rings are 9ct, 18ct or 24ct Gold when selling gold jewellery.
  • We will inspect any gemstones that have been used in the piece and look at their individual quality.

Where we are able to make an offer to buy Jewellery we will make a payment to you on the same day.

We are happy to have a look at customers antique jewellery with no obligation to sell.

Please call us on 020 7493 2008 to make an appointment or visit us at our Central London shop at 50 Burlington Arcade, W1J 0QH.

Why sell to us ?

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Same day paymentX
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Correct identificationX
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