The Victoria Earrings

An amazingly rare pair of diamond ear studs

A stunning pair of diamond earrings named after Queen Victoria have gone on sale at the Burlington Arcade jeweller Susannah Lovis. The large diamond stud earrings take their name from the earrings worn at the Coronation of Queen Victoria in 1838. The Coronation was the first time in history the royal collection of crown jewels were able to be seen at first hand. This inspired jewellers across the world to create similar pieces for their clientele.

The GIA certified Old European cut diamonds are from c. mid 19th Century and have a total carat weight of 12.64. The open back setting is a classic platinum eight claw design popular in the same period.

The history of old cut

The old cut shape has 58 facets and the cut is easily identified by a circle while looking through the diamond. This effect is caused by the tip of the point of the gemstone being removed which is referred to as a culet. The old cut shape was designed to enable the diamonds to sparkle in candlelight and maximise their impact in an era where low light was the norm.

The gemstones are a magnificent example of 19th Century diamond cutting and were traditionally created by craftsmen using hand tools. The diamond cutters honed their craft over decades and these skills are now a rarity. The modern method of diamond cutting uses lasers to shape the stones.

Susannah Lovis said “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase such a unique piece. This is the first time I have seen such a large and wonderfully matched pair of old cut diamond studs.”

The pair of earrings are priced at £250,000 reflecting both the value and also the rarity of having two matched old cut diamonds of this size.

You can purchase the diamonds from our online store by clicking here

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