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Is Sapphire The New Diamond?

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Is Sapphire The New Diamond?

As with every gemstone or jewellery style, trends come around that propel it into the spotlight. However, since worn by Princess Diana and that ring was regifted as the engagement ring between Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge in 2010, sapphires continue to be the on-trend gemstone. So, are we now at a point where sapphire is overtaking diamond as the gemstone of choice?

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Sapphires: a new trend?

The use of sapphire in jewellery is certainly not a new innovation. Sapphires were a popular choice from the 13th century and then became a gemstone of choice for royalty. Throughout history, we’ve seen sapphires in beautiful jewellery. However, the style has really grown to the point that 20% of brides are now choosing sapphires for their engagement rings.

Symbolism of sapphires

The symbolism of sapphires means they work beautifully for engagement rings. For centuries, sapphires were chosen to protect people from envy and infidelity. It’s now more common for sapphires to symbolise loyalty and trust – the perfect components for marriage.

In ancient Greece, blue sapphires were considered to hold mystical powers and were worn to give the wearer health and wisdom.

In royalty, sapphire blue has been synonymous with good fortune. However, in spirituality, sapphire has a deeper meaning. In ancient Persia, there was a belief that the earth sat on a giant sapphire stone, making the sky blue. This has been adapted and taken on different meanings, such as sapphire representing the sky, heaven and faith.

Sapphire is also the birthstone for those born in September and is the zodiac sign for Virgos, which may add further meaning to your sapphire jewellery.

With so many stories and traditions, it makes sapphire a beautiful choice to connect you with a meaning that’s personal to you.

Are sapphires better than diamonds?

There is no doubt that diamonds are a mainstay of jewellery, but in some areas, sapphires are favoured. In terms of ethical mining, sapphires can be preferred as they are more traceable and typically mined through smaller, family-run operations. However, opting for vintage sapphires can be a way to ensure responsible sourcing.

Sapphires are considerably rarer than diamonds which also gives sapphires an edge when it comes to exclusivity. Often blue is the first colour to come to mind when we think about sapphires; however, sapphires come in a range of colours, with orange and pink sapphires being especially rare. The only colour sapphires don’t come in is red. This is because the sapphire mineral, corundum, is the same as what makes rubies. So a ‘red sapphire’ is actually a ruby.

From mystic blues to vibrant greens, pastel pinks to ethereal lavender, sapphires offer such beautiful colour choices. For a sapphire engagement ring with a difference, opting for one of these rarer colour options can be a fantastic opportunity to have a truly unique ring.

Another benefit of sapphires is that there is a greater option when it comes to the cut, there is no best cut but a huge range of options to explore so you are sure to find a style that really works for you. In most cases, sapphires look best with a symmetrical cut to help reflect the light and give the gemstone its sparkle.

Diamonds and sapphires: why choose?

It’s no secret that the ‘Kate Middleton effect’ has helped propel the sapphire into the on-trend choice, especially when it comes to engagement rings. However, when it comes to sapphires or diamonds, usually there is no need to make a choice. Coloured sapphires can look beautiful when paired with diamonds.

Due to the fact that diamonds are usually more expensive than sapphires, you can expect jewellery designs to feature a sapphire as a centre stone, with smaller diamonds to add to the style. The famous Princess Diana sapphire cluster ring is a classic example of this. Alternatively, diamonds and sapphires can sit alongside each other as a three-stone ring to add balance.

At Susannah Lovis, we have a carefully curated collection of truly stunning vintage sapphire rings, from delicate Victorian cornflower blue sapphire ring to bold and beautiful art deco rings which put the sapphire on the centre stage.

You can browse our range of stunning sapphire rings here. However, suppose you’re looking for something unique to you. In that case, Susannah Lovis offers a bespoke engagement ring service where we can help you craft a truly individual piece of jewellery that is perfect for you.

To find out more about how we can help you find sapphire jewellery to fall in love with, please reach out to our friendly team.

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