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What you need to know about Metals in Jewellery

Precious metals form the basis of many of the pieces of jewellery you own. Gold, Silver and platinum are the most commonplace metals in jewellery design, however, cheaper alternatives such as palladium, titanium and stainless steel are becoming ever more prevalent. Baser metals like Zirconium and Tungsten are finding popularity in the market due to their extreme durability yet lack the prestige of more precious metals, thus driving the price for using them way down. Gold Gold as a commodity is timeless; this precious metal, at its purest form, is the... Read More

An example of vintage cufflinks on sale at Susannah Lovis 20/11/2017
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Christmas Cufflinks: Discover the Susannah Lovis Sale!

What do you buy the most important man in your life? An age-old question that has come up time and time again for generations, and yet still we are seemingly short of an answer. Thankfully, Susannah Lovis is offering a fantastic sale of their vintage cufflinks, making choosing a present for the man who has everything, slightly easier!

Guide to all things metals 29/09/2017

A Beginner’s Guide to Three of the Most Popular Metals

Antique jewellery is quite simply spectacular, and there are many different elements that contribute to creations. From dazzling diamonds and gorgeous gemstones to intricate details and designs that are steeped in history; there’s so much that makes up antique jewellery as we know it today. However, one thing that is often overlooked when considering these older ornaments is the types of metal being used, despite the fact that they play a major role in the structure, aesthetical impact and overall feeling of a piece. We’ve decided to do a quick... Read More