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Autumn/Winter Engagements: The guide to a seasonal proposal

It’s the time of year where you can start thinking about cosy nights in front of the fire, adjusting your wardrobe to accommodate for plunging temperatures and the promise of seasonal festivities right around the corner. The romantic nature of autumn and winter really is undeniable; setting the scene perfectly for those wishing the drop the most important of questions. People search high and low to find what they perceive to be the perfect ring for a significant other yet that is just part of what they need to consider... Read More

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Songs about Jewellery

Mid-week blues got you in a slump? It is often said that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” yet jewellery seems to inspire many a musician. Some of the best songs about jewellery reference specific jewels in their titles. And so, in the spirit of getting you through the rest of the week we have compiled a list of 15 of our favourite jewellery inspired songs (many of which you will hear playing around the office of an afternoon): 1. Rihanna, Diamonds 2. The Jackson 5, Mama’s Pearl 3. Thin Lizzy, Emerald 4.... Read More

A beautiful example from our collection at Susannah Lovis 27/07/2017
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What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

Here at Susannah Lovis, we love all things related to birthstones, and have an extensive range of vintage and antique jewels that prove it! That said, while we’re fairly clued up on the birth stones associated with each month and what they mean, we didn’t know very much about what the stones said about you. Steeped in history, meaning and intrigue, each stone is said to symbolise different characteristics and qualities of those born in the associated month. So, if you’d like to wear your traits loud and proud, expressing... Read More

An antique 3.58ct Burmese ruby diamond engagement ring 07/07/2017

10 Interesting Facts About Rubies

Often considered the ‘king’ of gemstones, those born in July are lucky enough to have the ruby as their birthstone. Not only is this exquisite jewel representative of this summer month but it is also traditionally gifted for couples celebrating their 15thand 40thanniversaries. With its beautiful crimson colouring and powerful connotations of love and passion, Ruby is often the jewel of choice for many, especially when it comes to gifting others. Below, we’ve listed ten interesting facts that you may not know about this popular gemstone:

A beautiful example of birthstone jewellery 28/04/2017
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Our guide to birthstones

Birthstone jewellery has been a popular option for significant birthdays and other special occasions for a number of years. They are a prime example of how jewellery can not only look good and boost confidence, but also carry meaning and sentiment for the wearer. These meanings can vary from personal attributes and characteristics to medicinal solutions, and some were even used as a direct healing solution throughout the Middle Ages.

An example of fine blue sapphire in our jewellers, London 03/04/2017
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A Complete Guide To Gemstones

Gemstones are an important part of any article of jewellery, and can often be the focal point of the piece. The vibrant colours and sparkle is an eye-catching element that can completely change the overall look, style or statement of your accessories. They often feature in antique jewellery, proving that they can stand the test of time and provide significance in terms of the extensive and turbulent history they have lived through. But just how much do you know about the gemstones that are nestled within your jewellery box? Whether... Read More

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Ruby Jewellery

Ruby is considered one of the most precious gemstones, together with diamond, emerald and sapphire, and is a popular stone used in women’s jewellery. A ruby gemstone has several natural hues, ranging from a light pink to a dark crimson, and works well set in yellow gold and white gold. The premium of a ruby gemstone rises depending on the depth of colour. In Asia, rubies are held in high esteem for being lucky charms and securing the owner’s good fortune. The deep red of a ruby evokes feelings of... Read More