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Jewellery Showcase: The History of Tiffany & Co.

With Thanksgiving being celebrated this week we thought it prudent to give thanks and share our love of vintage jewellery by one of our favourite American brands: Tiffany & Co. This iconic brand dates back to 1837 when Charles Lewis Tiffany opened a small stationary and fancy goods store in New York City with his friend John B Young. The store was a raging success and quickly established itself as the go-to emporium for the well-to-do ladies of the city to source impeccable jewels and American style timepieces worlds away... Read More

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Spooky Jewellery to unearth this Halloween for your collection

With Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, right around the corner; we thought it the perfect opportunity to unearth some of the spookier finds from our collection. The development of artifacts and symbols associated with Halloween has formed over time; traditionally in keeping with relics designed to frighten off evil spirits. It is commonplace belief that Halloween has roots in traditions originating from ancient Celtic harvest festivals. , a Gaelic festival, itself marked the end of the season and heralded the beginning of winter. Ancient Celts believed that on this day... Read More

A pair of 1920's French Onyx and Diamond Cufflinks in a red box 21/09/2018
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The Complete Guide to Cufflinks | Men’s Antique Jewellery

Cufflinks are both contemporary yet timeless and while some may consider them a little outdated since the advent of buttoned shirts, here at Susannah Lovis, we still adore these stylish adornments. Not only are cufflinks wonderfully practical but they are also some of the most ornamental jewellery a man can wear, making them a sterling choice in our book. But how much do you know about these elegant accessories? Check out our complete guide below to discover more about cufflinks, their origins and how to wear them:

Autumn leaves on a blue sky background 11/09/2018
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Top 8 Autumn Jewellery Trends in 2018

It’s September, and we’re slowly transitioning into autumn and for the remainder of the year we are going to see a rise of statement pieces adorning the catwalks and streets. With the release of new collections, we’ve seen a shift in the trends for the latter half of the year, including the rise of seasonal specific pieces and some throwback jewels from the 80’s. Here at Susannah Lovis, we have compiled a list of the top eight jewellery trends to watch out for the remaining few months of 2018. 1.... Read More

A mother of the bride mug surrounded by candles 22/08/2018
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Mother of the Bride: Jewellery Inspiration for Her Big Day

Being the mother of the bride is a role loaded with emotional dynamics. The very thought of it brings to mind a beautiful, old-fashioned expression: ‘If you have a girl, she’s your friend for life; if you have a boy, he’ll take a wife’. Somehow this encapsulates the tenderness that can so often exist between a mother and daughter, as the role of mothering transforms into friendship over time – and nurturing this friendship is the greatest gift you can give your daughter on her wedding day. This means you’ll... Read More

A large room decorated for a wedding reception 14/08/2018
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Top 8 London Wedding Venues

Your wedding day is one of the most important occasions of your life, so carefully handpicking a location that will create a lasting impression is vital. Across London, you’re spoilt for choice, with a plethora of venues around the city waiting to be chosen for your big day. From sweeping views of the capital’s skyline to grand halls with a royal charm, we’ve included a list of our top eight favourites to offer some guidance in the decision-making process.

A set of 18ct yellow gold solid bar knot cufflinks 01/08/2018
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8 Fascinating Facts About Cufflinks

No matter what the era, cufflinks have always been one of the most stylish accessories a man can wear. Not only can these small adornments be used to add a touch of class to any outfit instantly, but they are also one of the most traditional types of men’s jewellery, making them a solid choice for those in search of an elegant and timely appearance. While the invention of buttoned shirts may have lessened the need for this classic accessory, here at Susannah Lovis, we are still huge fans of... Read More

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The Suave Gentleman’s Jewellery Collection

Collections of men’s jewellery, whilst not as extensive as women’s, are still capturing an ever increasing market to this day. Attitudes of men wearing jewellery have drastically shifted, and whilst still ambiguous when it comes to sartorial accoutrement, many men are embracing the popularity of things like rings and tie clips. Historically speaking, the wearing of jewellery by men has always been seen as more feminine up until the latter end of the 20th century. However the development of office culture and the emergence of the wrist watch (an item that... Read More

Diamond necklace 05/04/2018
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7 Must-Have Diamond Jewels Available at Susannah Lovis

Do you, or anyone you know, deserve something truly special this month? Those lucky enough to be born in April have diamonds as their associated birthstone, the most precious and dazzling of them all, and can be treated to such a precious jewel by their nearest and dearest. Last year, we listed 10 Dazzling Facts About Diamonds so you could learn more about the spectacular stone on your finger. This year, we’ve decided to look at 7 of our favourite, stunning diamond jewels that you can spoil a friend with,... Read More

a wedding couple 21/03/2018
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Wedding Trends for 2018

With spring well and truly sprung, it’s time to embrace the warmer weather heading our way, make the most of the longer days and perhaps even tackle that spring clean you promised yourself you’d do five years ago! However, for some brides-to-be, it’s also a time where wedding planning is in full swing, and the panics, nerves and butterflies begin to set in for the big day. Amidst the whirlwind of caterers, flower arrangements and honeymoon organisation, there’s also the small matter of bridal accessories and jewels to consider for... Read More