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Jewellery Showcase: The History of Tiffany & Co.

With Thanksgiving being celebrated this week we thought it prudent to give thanks and share our love of vintage jewellery by one of our favourite American brands: Tiffany & Co. This iconic brand dates back to 1837 when Charles Lewis Tiffany opened a small stationary and fancy goods store in New York City with his friend John B Young. The store was a raging success and quickly established itself as the go-to emporium for the well-to-do ladies of the city to source impeccable jewels and American style timepieces worlds away... Read More

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The Suave Gentleman’s Jewellery Collection

Collections of men’s jewellery, whilst not as extensive as women’s, are still capturing an ever increasing market to this day. Attitudes of men wearing jewellery have drastically shifted, and whilst still ambiguous when it comes to sartorial accoutrement, many men are embracing the popularity of things like rings and tie clips. Historically speaking, the wearing of jewellery by men has always been seen as more feminine up until the latter end of the 20th century. However the development of office culture and the emergence of the wrist watch (an item that... Read More

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Inherited Jewellery: What you can do with it…

As purveyors of antique and vintage storied pieces, Susannah Lovis Jewellers often come into contact with customers wondering about inherited jewellery they have been bequeathed. We do our best to inform and educate said individuals on the history and nature of their newly acquired treasures. Often, our customers come to us with very little knowledge about the item that has recently fallen into their possession, however, we aim to give them all the material they need to make an informed decision as to what they should do with their heirlooms.... Read More

Jewellery cleaning 08/03/2018
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5 Steps to Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

Getting engaged to the love of your life is a monumental occasion for any future bride and groom, and one you are likely to remember forever. The engagement ring is likely to be the most precious keepsake of the celebration, and one that will take pride of place in your jewellery collection. But how do you look after such a treasure? Many women opt to wear their engagement ring alongside their wedding band for the rest of their lives, marriage permitting, and therefore an appropriate cleaning schedule is of utmost... Read More

an example from our collection 02/11/2017
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12 Gifts of Christmas: A Guide to Presents From Susannah Lovis

The festive season is fast-approaching, and many of you will now be thinking about what your nearest and dearest will be waking up to on Christmas morning. Fear not, for here at Susannah Lovis; we can help even the most clueless of buyers to ensure they make dreams come true this December. Given that there are typically 12 days of Christmas, we’ve decided to look at 12 beautiful gifts your family and friends would love to receive in 2017, each including a beautiful example from our extensive collection. (Five) Gold... Read More

sparkly gems from our collection 29/08/2017
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Revealed: The Best Ways to Clean Your Gemstones

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you buy antique jewels. Truly magnificent masterpieces that make you look and feel fantastic – as well as being a sound investment you can pass down the generations. But what is the correct way to care for such treasures? Antique jewellery is high in value and a spectacle to admire, so establishing an appropriate cleaning routine is of utmost importance. We’ve listed some of the most popular gemstones amongst antique jewellery and the best ways to look after them, minimising damage... Read More

The best products to use on your antique jewels 11/07/2017
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The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Jewels

There’s nothing that tells a story quite like antique jewellery. Items are treasured by the owner and are usually high in both sentimental and monetary value. As such, it is imperative that as vintage jewel enthusiasts, we know how to effectively look after our treasures, and share our knowledge in the community. If you are lucky enough to own a bespoke antique item of jewellery to call your own, read on for some basic maintenance tips and how here at Susannah Lovis, we can help.