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Jewellery Showcase: The History of Tiffany & Co.

With Thanksgiving being celebrated this week we thought it prudent to give thanks and share our love of vintage jewellery by one of our favourite American brands: Tiffany & Co. This iconic brand dates back to 1837 when Charles Lewis Tiffany opened a small stationary and fancy goods store in New York City with his friend John B Young. The store was a raging success and quickly established itself as the go-to emporium for the well-to-do ladies of the city to source impeccable jewels and American style timepieces worlds away... Read More

Autumn leaves on a blue sky background 11/09/2018
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Top 8 Autumn Jewellery Trends in 2018

It’s September, and we’re slowly transitioning into autumn and for the remainder of the year we are going to see a rise of statement pieces adorning the catwalks and streets. With the release of new collections, we’ve seen a shift in the trends for the latter half of the year, including the rise of seasonal specific pieces and some throwback jewels from the 80’s. Here at Susannah Lovis, we have compiled a list of the top eight jewellery trends to watch out for the remaining few months of 2018. 1.... Read More

A woman wearing the Edwardian diamond brooch on five row pearl choker 09/09/2018
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How to Display Your Vintage Jewellery | Antique Jewels

Whether you’re lucky enough to have inherited some dazzling gems or are already an avid collector of vintage jewellery, knowing how to display your jewels can be challenging. While a jewellery box is an obvious option, these often-small storage solutions usually offer confined spaces that can not only cause delicate pieces of jewellery to spoil but also hide your gems from view, keeping them locked away out of sight. Here at Susannah Lovis, being such lovers of vintage jewellery, we believe that these exquisite pieces should be displayed loud and... Read More

The Queen and Prince Phillip in a carriage at the Royal Ascot 17/08/2018
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Race Day Jewellery Guide: What to Wear to the Races

Choosing the right jewellery for any formal occasion can be difficult; however, when it comes to the races, selecting the perfect adornments becomes a whole new ballgame. While the general dress code for any racing event is typically formal, knowing what jewellery to pair with glamorous attire can be tricky, especially if you are making your racing debut. Consequently, here at Susannah Lovis, we’ve put together a handy guide to ensure you select your race day jewellery from only the most dazzling of gems:

Edwardian Necklace with Peridot and Diamond 10/08/2018

Why Peridot is the Perfect Stone for Summer

No matter what the occasion, summer is the perfect time to look your best and adorn yourself with an array of your favourite jewels. However, while here at Susannah Lovis, we adore every kind of gem, one, in particular, seems the most fitting for those glorious summer months; Peridot.

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The Origin of the Tennis Bracelet

In the spirit of Wimbledon, this week we thought it only appropriate to discuss the tennis bracelet; elegant wristwear for the sophisticated woman on the move. Professional tennis player Chris Evert, who had a prolific career between 1972-89 had the misfortune to lose her diamond Bedewi eternity bracelet during a match in the US Open. The clasp on the bracelet unfortunately snapped during a particularly violent serve and was sent flying from her wrist. Subsequently, the match itself was put on hold until the piece was recovered. It was this... Read More

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Top 10 Summer Jewellery Trends in 2018

Jewellery has really been standing out this spring/summer with bold and statement pieces in abundance adorning the various runways this year. As new collections act as a catalyst for the public, it is no surprise that we are seeing the resulting emergence of such outstanding and thought provoking pieces. Some of the trends that we have picked up on this year so far include the rise in aquatic/ocean themed jewellery and the overemphasis on layering and stacking pieces. We have compiled a list of 10 key summer jewellery trends to... Read More

Diamond necklace 05/04/2018
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7 Must-Have Diamond Jewels Available at Susannah Lovis

Do you, or anyone you know, deserve something truly special this month? Those lucky enough to be born in April have diamonds as their associated birthstone, the most precious and dazzling of them all, and can be treated to such a precious jewel by their nearest and dearest. Last year, we listed 10 Dazzling Facts About Diamonds so you could learn more about the spectacular stone on your finger. This year, we’ve decided to look at 7 of our favourite, stunning diamond jewels that you can spoil a friend with,... Read More

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Jewellery Dressing for the Oscars Red Carpet

The Oscars; one of the most highly anticipated events of the social calendar and a chance for celebrities and socialites alike to bedeck and bejewel themselves in all manner of show-stopping opulence. The 90th Academy Awards were no exception; and with a hugely politically charged undertone, all eyes were on this prestigious event. And whilst we too share a love of sartorial excellence in the form of stunning dresses, suits and shoes, it is the jewels that covet our undivided attention. And with more and more stars leaning towards showcasing... Read More

The perfect Mother's Day gift available at Susannah Lovis 06/03/2018
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Jewels to Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

With all the recent excitement of snow days and sledging fun, or the inconvenience of sub-zero temperatures and transport disruption, it might be easy to forget an important date in the diary that is fast-approaching. But if, on the 11th March, your mum awakes without a gift, breakfast in bed, or at least a warming brew, you might be facing a different kind of storm altogether! Avoid facing the wrath in 2018, with an extra special gift that not only shows that you care, but also proves just how well... Read More