Spooky Jewellery to unearth this Halloween for your collection

With Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, right around the corner; we thought it the perfect opportunity to unearth some of the spookier finds from our collection. The development of artifacts and symbols associated with Halloween has formed over time; traditionally in keeping with relics designed to frighten off evil spirits.

It is commonplace belief that Halloween has roots in traditions originating from ancient Celtic harvest festivals. , a Gaelic festival, itself marked the end of the season and heralded the beginning of winter. Ancient Celts believed that on this day the barrier that separates the lands of the dead and the living could more easily be crossed. Thus, the ancient Celts left offerings of food to appease the spirits in order to protect their homes and livestock. Halloween itself falls on the evening before the Christian observance of All Saints Day; in which the powerful spiritual bond between the living and those who have passed on is celebrated and, thus, historians today argue that Halloween has emerged as a resulting union of both Christian and Celtic tradition.

With its famous colour palette of black, blood red, gooey green, pumpkin orange and deep, dark purple as well as a whole array of creatures, beasts and spooky characters associated to it, Halloween is an amazing source of inspiration for jewellery designs that are a little on the dark side.

In this blog post we will take a look at 9 of our favourite Halloween inspired designs from our expansive collection. We had so much fun putting this post together and finding so many creative and inspiring designs. We hope it helps you get your spook on and create a look perfect for this time of year:

Diamond set skull studs with diamond eyes

We absolutely adore this ghoulish pair of 18ct yellow gold skull stud earrings, each with pave diamond set heads and hinged jaws that open to cause the skull’s diamond set eyes to pop out. The most common symbolic use of the skull is as a representation of death and mortality, however, to some ancient civilizations it is believed to have had the opposite association, where objects like crystal skulls represented life and the honouring of humanity in the flesh.

Diamond weight: 0.54ct GVS. The earrings measure 10.5mm in length and mm in width.

Pair of 18k white gold skull cufflinks with diamond eyes

A pair of white gold cufflinks, with diamond eyes are just the thing for your shirt cuffs. The jaws are articulated so that as you open the mouth you expose the diamond eyes. Skulls are an integral symbol in the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, or Día de Muertos, a three-day spiritual observance to honour the deceased. La Calavera Catrina, a famous etching by artist Jose Guadeloupe Posada depicts a female skeleton wearing a hat who has become the literal embodiment of the celebration of the dead in Mexico.

18k rose gold coffin pendant set with diamonds

Take a look at this outrageous 18ct rose gold opening coffin pendant, housing a surprising skeleton. The exterior table of the coffin is pave set with eight cut diamonds and bordered in hand engraved scrollwork. When opened the coffin reveals its occupant, an 18ct yellow gold skeleton with a naughty surprise. The coffin is a macabre symbol that serves as a blunt reminder of the finality of death yet is today often popularized in the media as a resting place for the sleeping undead.

Estimated total diamond weight: 0.63cts. Assessed diamond colour: G/H. Assessed diamond clarity: VS.

Victorian diamond crescent moon brooch

Victorian Crescent moon diamond brooch, featuring 52 diamonds. The brooch features a circular scroll border grain set with 39 point cut diamonds from which an articulated crescent moon is suspended featuring 13 claw set old mine cut diamonds. The Crescent moon in Victorian jewellery was a feminine symbol and was often given in a new relationship or as a gift from a husband to his new bride. The crescent moon also has connotations of witchcraft and the occult; with connections to the Crone (aging goddess) of contemporary Wicca.

Approximate total carat weight of 2.40 carats and estimated as H/I colour and Pique clarity. The brooch measures 32mm in length and 32mm in width, with a tube hinge pin measuring 28.5mm and a C clasp fitting.

Victorian diamond ruby floral witches heart pendant

An exquisite Victorian interlocking diamond heart and ruby flower motif. Hand crafted in 18 carat yellow gold and silver, with brooch and pendant attachment and dating back to circa 1880. A witches heart has a curve to one side and was historically worn as an amulet in ancient times to protect oneself from evil. Miniature witches hearts were pinned to a new-borns blanket to protect them from dark forces. By the 18th century, however, lovers gifted each other with the heart as a token symbolising that they had been bewitched with love.

The approximate weight of the old mine cut central diamond is 0.24, the surrounding rose cuts approximately 0.57 and the rubies measure around 1.3 carats total.

Amethyst cabochon bullet ring

An 18ct white gold cabochon ring. The dome shaped ring is set with a cabochon cut amethyst weighing approximately 14cts set in a rubover setting with three circular rows of round brilliant cut diamonds. Amethysts are a clear quartz with iron creating a colour range from pale lavender to deep purple. Spiritually, amethyst is an excellent focal point for meditation or as a scrying tool in divination. It can be used for mysteries and meditations regarding any spiritual matter, especially death and rebirth.

Diamond total approximately 1.50cts, G/H colour and Vs clarity. The total height of the ring from the finger is 1.5cm. The ring has a tapered shank and is finger size P.

Antique Irish bog oak Owl brooch

An exquisite antique Victorian hand carved owl brooch in bog oak, encircled by a gold hoop and atop a yellow gold branch. The brooch is fitted with an old “C” hook clasp, dating this brooch to circa 1890s. Bog oak is fossilized wood with a black or very dark brown matte finish. Owls are often seen as mysterious, mostly because many owls are strictly nocturnal, and humans have always found night to be full of mystery and the unknown.

Faustian diamond set 18ct gold mask earrings

A memorable pair of Faustian diamond set 18ct yellow gold mask earrings. Each earring comprises of a round brilliant cut diamond square set to the centre of the forehead on a mask crafted from Florentine effect. Faust is portrayed as having made a deal with the devil for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures in exchange for his soul. Masks are a prominent feature of Halloween and stem from ancient Celtic traditions. In those times, a man painted a mask on their face with blackened ashes from the sacred bonfire and dressed up as fearsome beings. It was believed that this is the last night for the dead to have their vengeance before moving on so people wore masks and costumes not to be recognized, to scare away evil spirits and to prevent them from entering homes.

Victorian garnet snake chain

A magnificent Victorian garnet snake chain necklace. Suspended from the snakes mouth hangs a small heart shaped locket, fronted with a foil backed cabochon garnet rub over set in 9ct yellow gold. The head is a free form foil backed cabochon garnet, set with rose cut diamond eyes and filigree gold detail. The body of the snake is a graduated rub over box chain necklace. The story of the Garden of Eden references a snake as influencing the fall of man and Satan is named as the ancient serpent in the Book of Revelations. It is common belief that both are one in the same. In ancient civilizations the image of a snake is both representative of evil and chaos on one hand and life, fertility and healing on the other.

We hope this guide has proved helpful in showing you some of our darker pieces and answered some of the questions you may have about these stylish adornments. However, if you’d like some more advice when it comes to choosing the perfect Halloween accouterments, why not pop into our jewellers in the Burlington Arcade today…if you dare!


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