Autumn/Winter Engagements: The guide to a seasonal proposal

It’s the time of year where you can start thinking about cosy nights in front of the fire, adjusting your wardrobe to accommodate for plunging temperatures and the promise of seasonal festivities right around the corner. The romantic nature of autumn and winter really is undeniable; setting the scene perfectly for those wishing the drop the most important of questions.

People search high and low to find what they perceive to be the perfect ring for a significant other yet that is just part of what they need to consider when planning the perfect proposal. We thought we’d lend a hand and eliminate some of the guesswork for anyone thinking of popping THE question anytime soon.

One of the most important aspects of a proposal is undoubtedly the ring; recent studies show that 1-in-3 women would decline a proposal should it not be to their liking or if they feel that no effort has gone into the selection. This gives you the golden opportunity for you to prove just how much you know and love your partner. It is, however, of paramount importance to remember that you are buying for another person and so their priorities and preferences must take precedence over your own. Important things to consider are the style and design of the jewellery they currently wear – both are indicators of what they would most likely look for in an engagement ring.

That being said, if you are incredibly stuck there is no shame in asking friends and family for their help. They too will know what your partner will like and dislike and help you make an informed decision for they will have your partners best interests at heart. You can then supplement any information you have with the thoughts and suggestions of your jeweller who, whilst they may not know the recipient, will build upon the information provided to find the perfect ring. An important detail to consider is selecting a suitably sized ring; nothing spoils the magic of the moment more so than a ring you cannot get on the finger. If creating a bespoke design, make sure that you have the ring size ahead of time or make sure that your design is suitable for resizing afterwards (some rings are not!) should it prove necessary. The same goes for purchasing vintage or antique; ideally the ring would be a perfect fit straight away, but you should always explore the option of resizing should the need arise.

Once you’ve settled on the perfect ring, the last thing you need is for something to happen to it, be it damage, loss or theft. To save all the tears and the heartache this could involve, you will need to organise insurance, and for that, you’ll need an antique jewellery valuation. This can be done within seven days and includes the cleaning of jewellery, detailed descriptions and assessments, gem testing, hallmarking information, condition statement, provenance research, visual images and values. This documentation will allow you to arrange the correct levels of insurance for the ring, preparing you should the worst happen.

Once you have the ring, you might begin to consider the execution of your proposal. With any luck, you might have discussed the event with your significant other beforehand and they have made their preferences clear, or at the very least you have some idea of what they would most appreciate in a proposal. If your partner is seasonally obsessed then finding some way to incorporate your proposal into a favourite holiday would be a stroke of genius; from Halloween to New Years, the winter months have much in the way of holiday inspiration – plenty of opportunity to show just how much you get your other half.

If the topic has never come up in conversation, though, I wouldn’t be too worried; for no one should know their partner quite as well as you do – if your partner is a hopeless romantic then clichés and intimacy might the perfect tools in your arsenal. For the more reserved individual, a quiet and more private setting without drawing too much attention may be the way forward. Think about their favourite places, walks, or even restaurants that you know they love to visit, and plan how you could utilize the things around you to make the moment extra special.

Now, when it comes to the day itself there are a few things you need to be on top of; ensuring you still have the ring is your top priority! Another important thing to remind yourself throughout the day is that no one is expecting absolute perfection. It is usually the things that don’t go fully according to plan that make the proposal memorable and fun! If you can’t seem to get a handle on your nerves, just be sure to grab some of that extra strength deodorant and apply liberally!

We hope this guide has provided a further insight to those looking to pop the question over the autumn/winter seasons. Have a look through our previous blog posts for some more engagement inspiration, and from all of us here at Susannah Lovis Jewellers, Good Luck!

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