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Examples from our beautiful range of antique jewellery 18/09/2017
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Revealed: 9 of the Most Famous Jewels in The World

Here at Susannah Lovis, we love everything about antique jewellery; from its turbulent and extensive history to the shining gemstones that come from all over the world. As a rule, every antique piece is as beautiful as the next, and each has its individual merits and quirks that attracts your eye. Every now and again, however, there is an exception to the rule. You get a stone so big and so beautiful it becomes one of the most talked about stones in the industry, and the most prestigious jewellery designers... Read More

An example of our Sapphire vintage rings for sale 15/09/2017
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15 Fascinating Facts About Sapphires

The birthstone for those born in September is sapphire, a rich blue gemstone which is also used to celebrate a 45th wedding anniversary. The gemstone has been treasured for thousands of years and has an extensive, albeit turbulent history of how it has been perceived over the years. If you’ve got a special birthday or anniversary coming up and you want to know a little more about sapphires, read on for some interesting facts about the gemstone.

An example of a vintage ring for sale from our collection 06/09/2017
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A Complete Guide To All Things Cartier

Cartier is renowned worldwide for making beautiful, bespoke articles of jewellery of distinctive quality and style. But just how much do you know about this prestigious brand? We’ve put together a brief history of how Cartier transformed from a modest jeweller on a quiet street in Paris to one of the world’s leading jewellers.

sparkly gems from our collection 29/08/2017
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Revealed: The Best Ways to Clean Your Gemstones

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you buy antique jewels. Truly magnificent masterpieces that make you look and feel fantastic – as well as being a sound investment you can pass down the generations. But what is the correct way to care for such treasures? Antique jewellery is high in value and a spectacle to admire, so establishing an appropriate cleaning routine is of utmost importance. We’ve listed some of the most popular gemstones amongst antique jewellery and the best ways to look after them, minimising damage... Read More

An example from our fine collection 25/08/2017
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The Ultimate Guide to Gold

The most precious metal of them all, there’s something so very special about gold, and it’s relevance in history. We have some beautiful gold masterpieces here at Susannah Lovis, so we decided to delve a little deeper into what gold actually is and (hopefully!) answer any questions you may have! What is gold? Pure gold is one of the most sought-after materials there is. It is a dense metal of shiny, yellowish colouring. Its element is known as Au and was one of the first known metals. When used in... Read More

A beautiful cross pendant necklace from our range 23/08/2017
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The Truth Behind Your Treasures: Ancient Symbols and Their Hidden Meanings

We love all things jewellery and find the histories of different antique jewels fascinating. Although the notion of wearing jewellery as an accessory has remained somewhat consistent, different styles and trends have come and gone with the seasons. While most designs have risen and fallen in popularity, there are certain symbols that feature within pieces time and time again, withstanding the trends that come and go with the seasons to remain popular across the generations.

An example of a diamond ring from our collection 17/08/2017

Everything You Need To Know About Diamonds

Diamonds are forever, and they are certainly a girl’s best friend, but how much do you actually know about the sparkly rock on your finger? Here at Susannah Lovis, we love all things diamond, and decided to put together a complete guide to what is arguably the most valuable gemstone of them all.


Discover The Truth Behind These Common Jewellery Myths

Jewellery has been an important part of society for generations, with both men and women adorning beautiful treasures for a variety of reasons. From wearing jewels to ward off evil spirits to opting for sparkly gems on a big night out; jewellery has been an integral part of social structures for generations. During this time, jewellery has been incorporated into an array of spirituality and folklore, particularly surrounding birthstone gems. However, over time, rumours, myths and lies have circulated cultures all over the world, and have been passed down the... Read More

A beautiful Peridot ring from our range here at Susannah Lovis 10/08/2017
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22 Fascinating Facts About Peridot

Summer seems to be passing us by in the blink of an eye, and with a lack of sunshine, it’s hard to believe that August is already underway. But with each new month comes a beautiful new birthstone, and this month, we’re going to be looking at Peridot. The semi-precious stone is widely recognised for its olive-green colouring, particularly relevant in 2017 thanks to Pantone naming green it’s colour of the year. The jewel can often be found in vintage and antique treasures and is prevalent amongst statement necklaces and... Read More

A fine example from our collection here at Susannah Lovis 31/07/2017

How to perfect the alternative engagement ring

There’s nothing quite like an engagement ring. Symbolic, beautiful beyond compare and something you’re going to have to wear for the rest of your life. Whilst the classic diamond ring has been popular in previous years, the brides of 2017 seem to be taking a slightly different approach. Recent trends suggest it’s all about the alternative, allowing couples in love to choose a more bold and colourful ring that represents their passion and dedication for each other like never before. We’ve decided to take a look at a few recent... Read More