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collection of semi precious stones 16/04/2018
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Rising Popularity of Semi-Precious Stones

Today, you would only expect to find Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds classified as precious stones. Before the distinction of a stones preciousness came about in the mid-19th century, practically all gemstones were found to be such. Today, however, it is not uncommon to find characteristically semi-precious stones with greater worth than diamonds. This false impression that precious stones hold more value than semi-precious is a commercial idealisation created years ago to influence consumer purchase. Some of the following stones are gaining significant traction in recent years with buyers opting... Read More

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What you need to know about Metals in Jewellery

Precious metals form the basis of many of the pieces of jewellery you own. Gold, Silver and platinum are the most commonplace metals in jewellery design, however, cheaper alternatives such as palladium, titanium and stainless steel are becoming ever more prevalent. Baser metals like Zirconium and Tungsten are finding popularity in the market due to their extreme durability yet lack the prestige of more precious metals, thus driving the price for using them way down. Gold Gold as a commodity is timeless; this precious metal, at its purest form, is the... Read More

Diamond necklace 05/04/2018
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7 Must-Have Diamond Jewels Available at Susannah Lovis

Do you, or anyone you know, deserve something truly special this month? Those lucky enough to be born in April have diamonds as their associated birthstone, the most precious and dazzling of them all, and can be treated to such a precious jewel by their nearest and dearest. Last year, we listed 10 Dazzling Facts About Diamonds so you could learn more about the spectacular stone on your finger. This year, we’ve decided to look at 7 of our favourite, stunning diamond jewels that you can spoil a friend with,... Read More

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Royal Asscher Diamond Company – A Brief History

The Asscher family are renowned international diamond experts; with a legacy of over 160 years in diamond craftsmanship. Founded in 1854 by Joseph Isaac Asscher, the company; Royal Asscher Diamond Company as it is known today has been passed down through the generations, becoming one of the world’s most prestigious diamond authorities. Joseph, having designed and patented the original Asscher cut in 1902 held this in exclusivity until the second world war and saw great sales internationally as a result. Under the invitation of King Edward VII, the brothers Joseph... Read More

Vintage pearls 28/03/2018

How to Extend the Life of Your Pearls

Now that spring has well and truly sprung, we have noticed various seasonal jewellery trends that are taking the fashion accessory world by storm!  One that is ever-increasing in popularity is pearls, and we could not be happier about it! A beautiful jewel, oozing in style and sophistication; there’s little that can top a great quality, real pearl treasure. From stylish, statement chokers and spectacular drop earrings to minimal, elegant bracelets and vintage cufflinks, there’s a style to suit everyone available at Susannah Lovis. But what happens once your pearl... Read More

vintage jewellery at Susannah Lovis 26/03/2018
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8 Reasons You Should Be Buying Vintage Jewellery

It may come as no surprise to you that we are big advocates of all things vintage. Items that tell a tale of a time gone by are much more intriguing, romantic and likely to catch the eye as opposed to the mundane landscape of the high street. This year, a focus on setting yourself aside from the crowd and embracing individuality has never been more prevalent, meaning there’s no better time to invest in vintage or antique jewels. Below, you’ll find a list of just some of the reasons... Read More

a wedding couple 21/03/2018
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Wedding Trends for 2018

With spring well and truly sprung, it’s time to embrace the warmer weather heading our way, make the most of the longer days and perhaps even tackle that spring clean you promised yourself you’d do five years ago! However, for some brides-to-be, it’s also a time where wedding planning is in full swing, and the panics, nerves and butterflies begin to set in for the big day. Amidst the whirlwind of caterers, flower arrangements and honeymoon organisation, there’s also the small matter of bridal accessories and jewels to consider for... Read More

Peridot is the birthstone for August 19/03/2018
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A Brief History of Birthstones and What Yours Says About YOU!

Birthstones have been around for a large number of years, and scholars have even traced it back to the breastplate of Aaron, described in the book of Exodus in the Bible, which is indicative of the age. It’s thought that they first came about through the representation of the twelve tribes of Israel, set into four rows of three. It wasn’t long before writings made the connection between the 12 stones in the breastplate and the 12 zodiac signs. It was suggested that each of the gemstones possessed magical powers... Read More

An example of one of our gorgeous aquamarine jewels 12/03/2018
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The Ultimate Guide to Aquamarine

Last year, we wrote 10 Facts About Aquamarine, to help you learn a little more about your own birthstone, or inform you further on the meaning and substance behind a birthstone gift for the lucky recipient. This year, we are going to take it one step further, with a complete guide that covers everything you should ever need to know about the gorgeous gemstone. So whether you’re a March-born-babe yourself, or you can share this article with someone who is, we hope you enjoy our Ultimate Guide to Aquamarine!

Jewellery cleaning 08/03/2018
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5 Steps to Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

Getting engaged to the love of your life is a monumental occasion for any future bride and groom, and one you are likely to remember forever. The engagement ring is likely to be the most precious keepsake of the celebration, and one that will take pride of place in your jewellery collection. But how do you look after such a treasure? Many women opt to wear their engagement ring alongside their wedding band for the rest of their lives, marriage permitting, and therefore an appropriate cleaning schedule is of utmost... Read More