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A fine example from the Susannah Lovis collection 25/07/2017
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Pick Of The Jewels: A Summer Selection

With summer well and truly under way, it’s time to embrace the bright, bold and vibrant coloured gemstones that work so well with your warmer weather wardrobe. This season, you should embrace the louder gemstones such as turquoise, amethyst, aquamarine and sapphire, bringing an extra dimension and ‘the WOW factor’ to any outfit you choose. We’ve picked some of our favourite jewels for the season, that are bound to turn heads this summer. Whether you’re dancing the night away at a summer wedding, or hitting the local bar for some... Read More

A fine example from our collection 13/07/2017
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The Era’s Of Antique Jewels: A Guide To The Famous Five

Antique is the word of the moment, and a style sought after by many in 2017. Whether it’s vintage clothing, antique furniture or a fine collection of vintage and antique jewellery, the trend appeals to audiences young and old, from all walks of life and that’s why here at Susannah Lovis, we love it so much! We’ve put together a guide to the main historical eras that make up antique jewellery so you can find out all about the history of your beloved treasures:

The best products to use on your antique jewels 11/07/2017
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The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Jewels

There’s nothing that tells a story quite like antique jewellery. Items are treasured by the owner and are usually high in both sentimental and monetary value. As such, it is imperative that as vintage jewel enthusiasts, we know how to effectively look after our treasures, and share our knowledge in the community. If you are lucky enough to own a bespoke antique item of jewellery to call your own, read on for some basic maintenance tips and how here at Susannah Lovis, we can help.

A fine example of ruby jewellery available at Susannah Lovis 07/07/2017

10 Interesting Facts About Rubies

With July well and truly underway, it seems only right that we explore further into the birthstone for this month, the ruby. This beautiful gemstone is also traditionally gifted for couples celebrating their 15th and 40th anniversaries. The deep red colour of the gem makes it the jewel of choice for many, thanks to the powerful connotations associated with the colour red, such as love and passion. Below, we’ve listed 10 fascinating facts you may not know about rubies:

a fine example of cufflinks from our range here at Susannah Lovis 04/07/2017
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Men’s style: Pick of the Cufflinks Summer 2017

For the modern man, staying on trend is of paramount importance, and can affect those first impressions that matter the most. Say goodbye to the slogan tees and casual cardi’s because this summer, it’s all about the shirt. Whether you’re getting suited and booted for a special occasion, dressing up to the nines to be red carpet-ready or simply slinging on a white shirt for some drinks in the sun, the correct pair of cufflinks can make or break the outfit.

A beautiful example from our vintage and antique range 30/06/2017

The Advantage of Vintage: Reasons To Invest in Preloved Jewels

It may come as no surprise to you that here at Susannah Lovis, we’re a fan of all things vintage, particularly when it comes to jewellery. The style is timeless and in a world where things move at about a hundred miles an hour, it’s great to have some consistency and an appreciation of authentic jewels with extensive histories and meanings. Vintage jewels are something you can treasure forever, but that doesn’t mean that pieces aren’t daring and bold in their statement and, at times, humorous and novelty.  From Art... Read More


Jewellery Trends for the Wedding Season

As summer officially kicked off last week, the UK not only embraced what can only be described as a heat wave, but also said hello to wedding season. Whether you’re the bride-to-be or the lucky man, a friend of the couple or a drunk uncle, everyone will dress to the nines in order to celebrate a couple in love. Jewellery plays a big part in how you will look on the day, and while weddings usually stick to a sense of tradition, the varying trends play a big part in... Read More

A beautiful example of royal-esque jewellery available at Susannah Lovis 22/06/2017
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A Peep Inside the Princesses Jewellery Box

The Duchess of Cambridge has become somewhat of an icon as a result of the gorgeous jewellery that she wears. From historic, antique jewels that are borrowed from the Royal family to her love of the modern pearl, not forgetting the world-famous, show-stopping blue sapphire engagement ring! It’s undeniable that Kate Middleton boasts one of the most sought after jewellery collections of our time, but what exactly is inside the renowned jewellery box? Here at Susannah Lovis, we’ve taken a look at a few of our favourite royal jewels worn... Read More

A fine example from our vintage Tiffany collection 19/06/2017
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The History of Tiffany

Here at Susannah Lovis, we love all things Tiffany. What is arguably one of the world’s most iconic jewellery brands dates back to 1837, and began when 25-year-old Charles Lewis Tiffany opened a small stationary and fancy goods store in New York City. With the help of his friend John B Young, and a contribution of $1000 from his father, Charles set up the first store on Broadway.

A beautiful example of pearl earrings from Susannah Lovis 14/06/2017
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20 Weird and Wonderful Facts About Pearls

June is one of only two months to have, not one, not two but three associated gemstones; pearls, alexandrite and moonstone. Here at Susannah Lovis, we love pearls, and we have an extensive range of antique and vintage jewellery that feature the beautiful stone. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself this June, or you have someone else’s special birthday coming up, we’ve decided to look at 20 weird and wonderful facts you may not know about pearls.