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: A beautiful example from the Susannah Lovis range 27/03/2017

Jewellery trends to look out for this spring

Spring has officially sprung here in the UK, and here’s to hoping that nicer weather is just around the corner. As ever, a new season brings a whole host of new trends and styles for you to try, wear and look and feel fabulous in, but which flair is catching your eye this month? We’ve had a look at some of our favourite trends from the Spring 2017 collection, offering an explanation, advice and an example of Susannah Lovis jewellery that fits well with the relevant trend.

An antique ring, shortly after our antique jewellery valuation. 23/03/2017

Better Safe Than Sorry: The Importance Of Insuring Your Jewels

By now, we’re sure you would have heard about what happened to the most recent celebrity affected by theft, Kendall Jenner. The reality star was quite literally the victim of daylight robbery, as burglars thieved around £163,000 worth of jewellery from her home in Hollywood Hills. This comes just a few months after her sister, Kim Kardashian, was held at gun point during Paris Fashion Week, and robbed of jewels totalling around £8.5 million. We aren’t all Kardashians, and many might not be lucky enough to own such valuable jewels,... Read More

A beautiful brooch from our London antique jewellery collection 17/03/2017

Jewellery: A Journey Through Time

The desire to decorate ourselves in a range of aesthetically-pleasing accessories has been around for generations. From pieces made from shells, bone and stones which have survived from prehistoric times, to the dazzling diamonds set in precious gold available in the 21st century. Jewellery has experienced several different trends and styles in accordance to what was happening in society at the time. We’ve put together a brief guide for the different styles you can expect to find from each period to help tell the story of any of our London... Read More

An Art Deco inspired tiara available at Susannah Lovis 15/03/2017
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Understanding The Art Deco Era

When it comes to jewellery, we all love an Art Deco masterpiece. Precious gemstones set amongst geometric patterns make for a truly spectacular creation that remains sought after, proving its longevity after surviving and flourishing within societies for over a hundred years. But how much do you actually know about the origins of the period and how to identify an Art Deco treasure? We’ve put together a guide to all things Art Deco for you to read up on before heading to our shop in London for a pair of... Read More

A beautiful engagement ring available at our high end jewellers 10/03/2017
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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring

There’s not much that excites us more than an upcoming engagement here at Susannah Lovis. The nerves, the emotion, the passion – there really is nothing that can compare to such a momentous occasion in the lives of a couple in love. One big challenge faced by you, the proposer, is the daunting task of choosing a ring that’s perfect for your significant other. There are so many styles, colours, types and variations to consider, many feel lost in a whirlwind of gems, diamonds and band widths, struggling to know... Read More

A new Aquamarine piece available in our Burlington Arcade jewellers soon 09/03/2017

10 Facts About Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone, blue in colour and the traditional birth stone for those born in the month of March. That said, the soothing gem will be sought after by many this month, including those celebrating their 16th or 19th wedding anniversaries. The jewel is also associated with the Zodiac sign Pisces, Neptune and the US state of Colorado. The stone has been around for generations and a vast amount of folklore, myths and legend exist surrounding the magical powers it could possess. Either way, jewellery that features aquamarine... Read More

One of our stunning antique rings available at our high end jewellers 23/02/2017
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Why you should be investing in vintage-style jewellery

When it comes to buying jewellery, everyone has their own tastes, styles and preferences to adhere to, because we all wear accessories for different reasons. If you, like many, prefer something unique – a timeless piece that won’t be over too soon amongst a fad trend – then perhaps you should consider making an investment in fine antique jewellery. When it comes to antique and vintage pieces, there is a plethora of beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches for you to browse until you find the perfect fit. We’ve put... Read More

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Jewellery tips for January

1.Keep your precious jewellery away from any chemicals. Exposure to chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals and can harm some colored gems. This includes everyday substances like hairspray, moisturiser, perfume and general cosmetics. 2. Fine jewelry should always be removed before going into a chlorinated swimming pool or prior to using household cleaners; as a lot of these cleaners contain ammonia which can damage jewels. 3. Don’t worry about investing in an ultra sonic cleaner, the best methods are the safest and simplest! 4. Most coloured gems can be... Read More


Jewellery For Winter

Seasonal jewellery updates are a great way of reinventing your outfits for the winter season. Cool toned jewellery certainly have their place in the winter months with platinum and white gold jewellery looking fantastic with winter outfits. Here at Susannah Lovis we’ve put together some inspiration for your winter jewellery options. Statement Pendants A popular trend straight from the catwalk which rivals the modern revival of the choker necklace is the statement pendant. Drawing inspiration from ancient amulets and lucky talismans, the chunky eye-catching necklace is an excellent winter jewellery... Read More


How To Buy An Eternity Ring

Here we offer some helpful tips and suggestions for choosing the ideal eternity ring for your partner to treasure forever. A Brief History of The Eternity Ring A token of love that has been given for centuries, the ring is a jewellery item mostly given to a loved one to symbolise love. Worn on the third finger on the left hand alongside the engagement ring and wedding ring, the eternity ring represents love lasting for infinity. One of the first known eternity rings can be dated back to the Ancient... Read More