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An example of vintage cufflinks on sale at Susannah Lovis 20/11/2017
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Christmas Cufflinks: Discover the Susannah Lovis Sale!

What do you buy the most important man in your life? An age-old question that has come up time and time again for generations, and yet still we are seemingly short of an answer. Thankfully, Susannah Lovis is offering a fantastic sale of their vintage cufflinks, making choosing a present for the man who has everything, slightly easier!

An example of our vintage rings for sale 14/11/2017
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Which Engagement Ring Should You Get This Christmas? (Quiz)

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but did you know that the most popular time to get engaged is also through the month of December? Despite other holidays including Valentine’s Day occurring at different points throughout the year, and summer holidays proving a popular proposal time for many, none experience a rise in sales as dramatic as the business experienced by jewellers in December. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve are all popular dates in the world of proposals. There’s something undeniably romantic about Christmas time, be it... Read More

An example from our beautiful collection here at Susannah Lovis 10/11/2017

14 Facts About November’s Birthstone – Topaz and Citrine!

Those born in November are blessed with not one, but two gemstones associated with their birth month. Topaz exhibits a spectacular array of colours, giving off a golden glow of fiery intensity that is often connected with passion. Citrine is almost the opposite, with a gentle aesthetic and is often associated with peace, prosperity, loyalty, healing and creativity. Whether you’re looking to buy a November-born babe something special this month, or you’re treating yourself to a new treasure to add to your collection, we’ve come up with seven facts for... Read More

An example from our extensive collection of antique jewellery 07/11/2017
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Leading Ladies and Their Jewellery Boxes

From enormous engagement rings to drop-dead gorgeous diamonds, over the last 100 years there have been several inspirational women that have led the way when it comes to spectacular jewellery. Actresses, royals, and first ladies; all of these leading ladies were ultimate style icons when it came to accessorising the red carpet of the rich and famous, and had enviable, extensive jewellery collections, contributing to their already glamorous reputations. Here at Susannah Lovis, we’ve taken a look at five of our favourite style icons of all time, with the hope... Read More

an example from our collection 02/11/2017
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12 Gifts of Christmas: A Guide to Presents From Susannah Lovis

The festive season is fast-approaching, and many of you will now be thinking about what your nearest and dearest will be waking up to on Christmas morning. Fear not, for here at Susannah Lovis; we can help even the most clueless of buyers to ensure they make dreams come true this December. Given that there are typically 12 days of Christmas, we’ve decided to look at 12 beautiful gifts your family and friends would love to receive in 2017, each including a beautiful example from our extensive collection. (Five) Gold... Read More

an example of one of our engagement rings 26/10/2017
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A Man’s Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Once you’ve found the woman of your dreams, and spent some significant quality time with her, it won’t be long before you are thinking of dropping down to one knee. Some may side with tradition and ask her father for her hand first, other’s will spend hours and hours planning the perfect proposal, but all that is rendered irrelevant if you don’t have a show-stopping ring to seal the deal.

Examples of our beautiful collection here at Susannah Lovis 23/10/2017
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Why Antique Jewellery Makes the Perfect Gift This Christmas

As the nights draw in, the mornings seem darker than ever, and people far and wide discuss whether it’s cold enough to put the heating on, winter is well and truly coming. The end of October looms ever closer, meaning that, already, we are beginning to catch glimpses of festive cheer. People will now be thinking about what to get for their nearest and dearest this Christmas, and, more importantly, what’s going to be top of their list this year!

Jewellery is often stolen as part of jewellery heist 18/10/2017
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Top 3 Jewellery Heists in History

There’s a part of our brain known as the motor cerebellum, and it becomes activated in the presence of something fabulous, and usually sparkly. This means that when you desire a certain item, the pleasure centre of your brain lights up and controls motor skills, giving you a physical impulse… like reaching out and taking what is not yours. It is this uncontrollable movement that pips rationale to the post, and perhaps helps to explain the multitude of jewellery heists that have occurred throughout history.

Guide to proposing 12/10/2017
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The Proposal: A Guide to Getting Down on One Knee

With Christmas and New Year fast-approaching, there is no denying that it is officially engagement ring season. People are searching far and wide for what they believe to be the ideal ring for their significant other, and that’s just part of what they need to consider when planning the perfect proposal. The romantic nature of winter is undeniable; as cosy nights in front of the fire, snow, seasonal festivities and the opportunity for a ‘new start’ all set the scene nicely for such a magnificent gesture.

A fine example of opal from our collection 10/10/2017
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10 Facts About Opal

Those born in October are lucky enough to have one of the most unique and beautiful birthstones of them all; the opal. Opals are amorphous, which means that unlike most gemstones, it doesn’t have a crystal structure. It’s unpredictable in nature, and you never know what colour or shape it may take. Here at Susannah Lovis, we have several beautiful opal ornaments that are steeped in history and intrigue, making for the perfect, thoughtful present for someone born in October. That said, anyone can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of... Read More